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18 February 2009 @ 08:48 pm
Miscellaneous - Anime - 40 icons  
Huh, still alive...
It's so hard to find icons of these two (great) series that I decided to make some myself. Mostly animated.
Yay? YAY!

[17] Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs


Saber Rider

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» All screenshots and animations were took/captured/made by moi.

» Comments make me very, very happy!
If you are going to take anything, it's nice and useful to know. ;o]

» Do not hotlink them, please!
Upload them in at your own.

» Do not edit none of these icons, please!

» Please credit tenken_designs if you are going to use some. It's mandatory!
The html code for linking back the community is important. :3
Write <lj user="tenken_designs"> in the comment line of the userpic.
Thank you.

» Enjoy!

» Feel free to join and watch tenken_designs
Patrísssiatenken_the_2nd on February 20th, 2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
It tastes SO GOOD to find another loyal, long date fan... Oh, it does!

I'm glad the series was 'remade' by the americans; otherwise JB would have a less important role (and less appearances on the show).
Was there an italian dubbed version? And... What were their names?
I've listened to portuguese, american, german and japanese ones, being the second my favorite.
Oh yes, I too love them all. (The most handsome among the boys is JB, if you want to know my opinion in the matter, haha.)

I'm entirely sure I will always be a fan of SR&TSS. Yes, yes, yes!

Well... Excluding the repetitive, cliche scenes of giant robots fightning. Haha.

P.S. Your icon! May I know where I can find the base image (fanart, I assume), please?
J.J. Blue: Messyjjblue1 on February 20th, 2009 09:33 pm (UTC)
Yep, I agree completely!
Yes, even if Perios had his own importance I can't help but think Jesse just...
Oh, there's to say one of the episodes in which Perios showed up had been cut in the AV, which was a pity because it was rather good... ;_;

*nods* Yes, we had our SRaTSS version named simply 'Sceriffi delle Stelle' (Star Sheriffs) and sadly whoever translated the scipts did a rather slopy work (or maybe they didn't know English?)... even if the voices weren't bad, actually they were quite good. April, Jesse and Colt kept their names but Saber Rider was renamed 'Spada d'Argento' (Silver Sword) and Fireball became Lampo (Flash).
Jesse-chan rules! He's definitely Not Like Everyon Else! ^_-

I don't think I can stop being their fan. I'm still too obsessed...

Yes, it's a fanart I draw long ago, inspired by an unfinished fic written by yarol_2075. You can find it in my extremely old web, SB/SRaTSS Obsession if you're interested...

Patrísssiatenken_the_2nd on February 21st, 2009 03:05 pm (UTC)
Ahhhhhh, you were the drawer!
Well, it's... awesome, I loved it so very much! Look at the cuteness of Jesse! ♥
Believe me, it's the most satisfying fanart of SS&TSS I've seen so far (in spite of being out the context)... Hum, maybe after a JB quite realistic fanart I found a while ago, in a german fansite.

Thank you so much for linking me to your site!
I've been reading it as well. I didn't know quite much of the JV... So, Fireball already knew April when he joined Cavaly Command! And became her boyfriend. In AV one can be lead into that direction as well...
Huhu, nice thing to read, nice thing to read!

Sceriffi delle Stelle? Pretty neat!
In Portugal they were called "Cavaleiros das Estrelas" (Knights of the Stars). I say excatly the same you did concerning our dubbed version.
Lampo?! LOL! Myyy, that was hilarious... He was named "Bolido" in the spanish version, which made me laugh ever harder.
Saber Rider was "Cavaleiro do Sabre" (direct translation), Aprial was "Lara", Fireball, "Bola de Fogo" (direct translation again) and Jesse Blue, "João Azul" (Jonh Blue). Colt is "Colt" everywhere. :3

J.J. Blue: Messyjjblue1 on February 22nd, 2009 01:11 pm (UTC)
*nods* but it's an old draw... ^_-
I'm glad youe it!

The JV is very interesting in its differences with the AV... I wish they would translate it so I could understand it better...

*sighs* It's sad the translations were so poor all other the world.
LOL I guess they wanted to leave the original meaning of his name... still I don't know about Bolido but Lampo isn't a name used in Italy so it was pretty weird... (same goes for SR...)
LOL Colt is the only on who manages to be universally known with his name! ^_^